Daily Archives: 14 Abril, 2013

Rocn ert Roll

In cooperation with a professor, a group of students of “Journalism and Mass Media” faculty created a radio show on the most popular radio station of my home town, Thessaloniki. This radio show is a contributory internship for the people who are taking part of it and it is consisted and produced only by students of this faculty. The show is about social issues.


On the show we are talking about things of our everyday life as students, and this is our aim cause we are attending to our friends, to people who are concerned about the same issues as we do”, said Stougiantziki Valia a reporter on this special show, named “rock ert roll’ on the famous channel Ert3. On the show, of course, are also broadcasting news, technology, health, politics, etc., apart from social interested issues.

According to the reporter, what is the most fun on this radio show is that they are free to choose the topics on the show. “We actually have the freedom to report on every single thing we are interested about. The thing is that we can not report about politics or actuality because we don’t really know when exactly would be broadcasted, so we prefer to report on issues of everyday life”, Valia mentions. The young choose the topics, the coefficients, the hours when they will work for the production of the show, actually they are producing the whole show by themselves in association with the professor.

As the young reporter said they communicate the radio show via social media, and of course the radio station itself notifies about the show. The radio show is mostly addressing to young students, from 18 to 25 years old, because of the choice of the topics. It is an admirably effort of young student of Journalism faculty on their dream job, and so far it is interesting for them but also for their audience.

Valia Stougiatziki