”The isolation”

Frequently, people with pride about the number of friends on Facebook. It is said that the average users of facebook has more than 175 friends and the number increases only when the user is teen or a user with a beautiful profile. Adolescents and young adults are stuck in that as a result, the day begins and ends with Facebook.

The viral effect is not confined to young people, given that even housewives are victims of this dependency. Each user can inform and to continuously monitor the situation, to write on the wall or someone else to read messages. So, here is the question of  how the new communications media will change the way people interact in everyday life?

The new media communications affect the way of communication and several times the change it.Initially, the topics of discussion are changed and now become in such a way as to meet, to develop and deepen in issues relating to the internet, the new advanced technology and general issues of timeliness, that is more the new communications through the internet.Also

Also, spending more time on the computer, there is only a few time to get someone out to go a walk, to meet new people and the most important  to make a social name. As a result many people brought to life alone and in solitude, to lose contact with friends and families and to live in a world, the online world.

Nikolaou Anna

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