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Type of comunication in Greece

In Greece there is a wide variety of communication tools such as blogs, radio stations, television channels and ”portals”.

” I write about culture and society in one wide variety ”Portal” , but you can be assigned at any time to write about any topic in this type of journalism” said J. Martin Petrov, a columnist in one of the most famous ”Portal” of Thessaloniki, .In this ”Portal” there are, of course, news, technology, health, politics, etc., apart from culture and opinion articles.

According to the columnist of, in the ”Portal” it is not always possible to choose what you want to write. ” There is a chance that someone else has already written the same issue, so we have to be receptive to what they give us to write” Martin said.

Comunication between columnists and editor for the determination of the responsibilities , become via internet and email. ”We arrange appointments and our tasks online, as well as facilitate the exchange of information” emphasize Martin.

According to columnist, the comunication between ”Portal” and audience become via social media, but there is ,also, the tactic of ”mouth-to-mouth”. The ”portal” focus on ages between 18 to 45 years old,more youthful, because this is the predominant audience that read a blog or ”portal”.

This ”Portal” is an innovation in the Greek networks, as well as it offers live radio broadcasts, and in general can inform the audience about any kind of topic.

Anna Nikolaou

Economical crisis at university

Due to the economic crisis, even the best universities of Greece have problems. To Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which is in the first three best universities in the country, is currently facing financial problems.Economical, administrative and institutional problems threatening the viability of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The previous months, due to the fact that the students had to pay books for their courses, which are supossed to entitled free,many protests took place at the town.Another reason of protest, was that some departments of the university should be closed or merged with other departments.

the aristotle university of thessaloniki

Also there were protests by professors, because of the pay cut.And now, they beggin new protests to force the gonverment to increase their salaries.

As a result of all that and because of economic crisis, the university have many debts something that is dangerous for the students’ studies.

Anna Nikolaou